How to correct performance issues with enq: US - contention related to undo segments (文档 ID 1332738.1)
Roll Forward a Physical Standby Database Using RMAN Incremental Backups 'Recover Database Noredo' Does Nothing
Rolling a Standby Forward using an RMAN Incremental Backup To Fix The Nologging Changes
Steps to perform for Rolling forward a standby database using RMAN incremental backup when datafile is added to primary
Steps to perform for Rolling Forward a Physical Standby Database using RMAN Incremental Backup
Drop Tablespace Command Hangs even if Fix 9841075 Applied (文档 ID 1997786.1)
Drop Tablespace Command Slow or Hanging (文档 ID 2060324.1)
Bug 10157392 High version counts for SQL with binds (BIND_MISMATCH)
Bug 10157392 High version counts for SQL with binds (BIND_MISMATCH)
Troubleshooting Library Cache: Lock, Pin and Load Lock (Doc ID 444560.1)
database corruption recovery
Best Practices: Proactive Data Collection for Performance Issues (Doc ID 1477599.1)
Analysis of Active Session History (Ash) Online and Offline (Doc ID 243132.1)
Alternative and Specialised Options as to How to Avoid Waiting for Redo Log Synchronization (Doc ID 857576.1)
Troubleshooting: 'Log file sync' Waits (Doc ID 1376916.1)
Oracle event ref.
undo corruption
The root script cannot proceed on this node <node-n>
db size usage history
文档 1666176.1
Document Display
Document 1005087.1
Document 555601.1
Document 1487957.1 ext4 bug
Oracle Tools Available for Working With RAW Partitions on Windows Platforms
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Statspack Ref
Document 1320251.1
Troubleshooting Hanging or Looping Processes - Troubleshooting Guide for Java SE 6 with HotSpot VM
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How to Modify Public Network Information including VIP in Oracle Clusterware (Doc ID 276434.1)
How to Modify Private Network Information in Oracle Clusterware (Doc ID 283684.1)
Bug 14295250 - Long parse time for large query with many nested views due to much time in epxression analysis code (Doc ID 14295250.8)
Analysis of Active Session History (Ash) Online and Offline (Doc ID 243132.1)
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AIX: Top Things to DO NOW to Stabilize 11gR2 GI/RAC Cluster (Doc ID 1427855.1)
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ALERT: Import with invalid TOUSER Clause can Drop Tables (Doc ID 178993.1)
"kewastUnPackStats(): bad magic 1 (0xXXXXXXXXX, 0)" in Alert Logfile After Upgrading to (Doc ID 1227524.1)
ALERT: Bug 8768374 - RFS in Standby with a wrong location for archived log corrupting/overwriting database files when max_connections > 1 (Doc ID 1081961.1)
ALERT: Direct Path Export (EXP) Corrupts The Dump If An Empty Table Partition Exists (Doc ID 1604983.1)
DataGuard Physical Standby 快速重建
关于Oracle RAC 环境VIP的Failover问题
Full Table Scan May be Slower In Active Production Environment than Test (Doc ID 1457693.1)
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DRM hang causes frequent RAC Instances Reconfiguration (Doc ID 1528362.1)
Master Note: Troubleshooting Database Transaction Recovery
What is AUDSID
What is AUDSID
How to use DBMS_FGA with a complex audit_condition (include/exclude multiple users)
Stuck recovery of database ORA-00600[3020]
OCR / Vote disk Maintenance Operations: (ADD/REMOVE/REPLACE/MOVE) (Doc ID 428681.1)
Using Oracle Large Object (LOB) Datatype Columns In ODI Integration Interfaces
Configuring Solaris IP Multipathing (IPMP) for the CRS 10g VIP (Doc ID 283107.1)
Using Oracle Clusterware / Grid Infrastructure on servers with heterogeneous Network Interface (NIC) names across servers used in the cluster (Doc ID 1570785.1)
How to Configure A Second Listener on a Separate Network in 11.2 Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1063571.1)
CRS-2674 Clusterware Network Resource Could not Start as Netmask is Changed (Doc ID 1270186.1)
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Bug 9737897 - V$SGASTAT shows "obj stat memo" increases continuously (Doc ID 9737897.8)
ORA-04031 With Leak in "OBJ STAT MEMO" Allocations Seen in V$SGASTAT on (Doc ID 1350050.1)
ora-4031 and "obj stat memory" component in Shared Pool
Master Note: Overview of Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP) (Doc ID 1501987.1)
'Warning: Subscription For Node Down Event Still Pending' In Listener Log (Doc ID 372959.1)
Known Issues And Bugs Using the Scheduler (Doc ID 1311355.1)
ZFS Write Performance Slow, but Devices Not Busy (Doc ID 1405347.1)
ISM or DISM Misconfiguration can Slow Down Oracle Database Performance (Doc ID 1472108.1)
Improving ZFS Synchronous Write, O_SYNC|O_DSYNC Performance (Doc ID 1347387.1)
Solaris 10 Systems With Soft Rings Enabled May Intermittently Experience Delayed Inbound Network Packets (Doc ID 1482257.1)
IP Multipathing (IPMP): in.mpathd cannot meet the requested failure detection time (Doc ID 1008701.1)
How To Setup ASM & ASMLIB On Native Linux Multipath Mapper disks? (Doc ID 602952.1)
How to Partition DM-Multipath Pseudo Devices (Doc ID 470913.1)
Understanding Device-mapper in Linux 2.6 Kernel (Doc ID 456239.1)
RAC and Oracle Clusterware Best Practices and Starter Kit (Linux) (Doc ID 811306.1)
How to Deconfigure/Reconfigure(Rebuild OCR) or Deinstall Grid Infrastructure (Doc ID 1377349.1)
ALERT: Disable Transparent HugePages on SLES11, RHEL6, OEL6 and UEK2 Kernels (Doc ID 1557478.1)
IBM POWER7 AIX and Oracle Database performance considerations -- 10g & 11g
Troubleshooting 10g and 11.1 Clusterware Reboots
11gR2/Aix - Dedicated Server Processes Have Large Usla Heap Segment Compared To Older Versions
Top 5 issues for Instance Eviction
Node reboot or eviction: How to check if your private interconnect CRS can transmit network heartbeats
How Solaris ZFS Cache Management Differs From UFS and VxFS File Systems (Doc ID 1005367.1)
rman backup script
solaris zfs configuration for oracle
Enabling Encryption for Data Guard Redo Transport
Redo Transport Compression in a Data Guard Environment
Solaris FAQ
orion download link
HugePages on Oracle Linux 64-bit (Doc ID 361468.1)
AIX: Top Things to DO NOW to Stabilize 11gR2 GI/RAC Cluster
RAC and Oracle Clusterware Best Practices and Starter Kit (AIX)
清楚shared pool对象
Bug 9737897 V$SGASTAT shows "obj stat memo" increases continuously
How to Format Corrupted Block Not Part of Any Segment
How to interpret OS system traces [ID 1429678.1]
Alert Log Messages: Private Strand Flush Not Complete [ID 372557.1]
When Does "Buffer Exterminate" Wait Event Occur ? [ID 259137.1]
Bug 12944193 - SubOptimal Execution Plans joining 2 UNION views having filter predicates , dblinks and no CBQT [ID 12944193.8]
How to Recreate The AWR ( AUTOMATIC WORKLOAD ) Repository ?
How To Investigate Why Commands are Slow using Truss and DTrace
How to interpret truss output
Using truss+pstack to trace processes via function-stepping
How To Trace PLSQL System/Library Calls Using the TRUSS Command
Troubleshooting gc block lost and Poor Network Performance in a RAC Environment
ORA-01555 When Max Query Length Is Less Than Undo Retention
Automatic Tuning of Undo_retention Causes Space Problems
Undo Remains Unexpired When Using Non-autoextensible Datafiles For The Undo Tablespace
Oracle Net Performance Tuning
How to Enable Oracle SQLNet Client , Server , Listener , Kerberos and External procedure Tracing from Net Manager
troubleshooting ora-3135
RAC Turned off and relink with missing libskgxns.a file [ID 1290438.1]
After Cloning RAC to Single Instance, How to Remove Any References to the Additional Threads
How to Check and Enable/Disable Oracle Binary Options [ID 948061.1]
Oracle PSU
Complete Refresh Of Materialized View Hangs On Pipe Get [ID 1193294.1]
ORA-600 [KTRGCM_3] Error Signaled In Parallel Query [ID 550796.1]
Mount Options for Oracle files when used with NFS on NAS devices [ID 359515.1]
Automatic Tuning of Undo_retention Causes Space Problems
ORA-01555 "Snapshot too old" - Detailed Explanation [ID 40689.1]
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ORA-19206 ORA-6512 EXP-56 While Taking Export [ID 782561.1]